Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man's eats 25,000th Big Macs. Michelle Obama has a heart attack!

What's it like to eat 25,000 Big Macs? Ask Don Gorske
CBS News

Fast food restaurants get lots of criticism for serving up fatty, salty, calorie-dense fare. But Don Gorske has no complaints. The 57-year-old retired prison guard was just honored at his hometown McDonalds for eating his 25,000th Big Mac - a feat that took him 39 years to accomplish.
Gorske, who was featured in the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me," is slim, takes regular walks, and was recently given a clean bill of health by his doctor.
But, of course, they can't pick on his health, so then he must be crazy.....
Gorske admits his motivation may be more rooted in his mind than his belly. He says he loves numbers and repetition, and suspects he may have obsessive-compulsive disorder. If that's true, he's not alone. More than 2.2 million Americans have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and experts say food is often a focus.

Monday, May 16, 2011

There's a lesson here if you read closely...

IMF Chief Ordered Held Without Bail in Sexual Assault Case

Published May 16, 2011

Despite DNA being found and all no evidence to conflict with the maid's story, how does the IMF respond?

Here's the 17th paragraph of the story:

The IMF has said they would deny immunity because the alleged assault occurred when Strauss-Kahn was on a personal visit, not a business trip.
I guess we can all breath a sigh of relief that the IMF Chief was visiting NY on "personal business" or he would have been able to walk away Scott-free....  

Remember, these are the people, the IMF, who will one day be bailing out the U.S. economy.  So, I guess I'm glad to see they people of high morals and strong ethics.

10 Myths of Ryan's House Budget Plan | The Heritage Foundation

Follow the link to read the detailed explanation of each myth.... 

Myth #1: The House budget recklessly cuts taxes by $4 trillion.
Fact: It cancels a future tax increase.
Myth #2: The House budget increases the deficit by giving tax cuts to the rich.
Fact: The proposed change is a revenue-neutral tax reform plan that simplifies the tax code.
Myth #3: The House budget represents only minor deficit reduction.
Fact: It substantially reduces both short- and long-term budget deficits.
Myth #4: The House budget exaggerates the long-term spending challenge.
Fact: The challenge is real and potentially calamitous.
Myth #5: The House budget balances the budget on the backs of seniors.
Fact: Current and near-retirees are exempt from reforms.
Myth #6: The House budget would privatize Medicare and hand seniors vouchers.
Fact: Seniors would receive government support to purchase health insurance coverage on a tightly regulated government exchange system.
Myth #7: Medicare is more efficient than private health insurance.
Fact: Medicare’s administrative burdens are hidden and they outweigh private-sector costs.
Myth #8: The House budget plan would end Medicare as we know it.
Fact: Obamacare ended Medicare as we know it.
Myth #9: The House budget plan would shift Medicaid costs to the states and hurt the poor.
Fact: Medicaid block grants would help states lower Medicaid costs and provide them with the flexibility to better serve the poor.
Myth #10: Most Medicare costs would continue to rise, and retirees would bear those costs with insufficient assistance.
Fact: Intense market competition would reduce costs and enable Medicare patients to secure value for their dollars.
Brian M. Riedl is Grover M. Hermann Research Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies; Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D., is Senior Fellow in the Center for Policy Innovation; and Romina Boccia is Research Coordinator in the Roe Institute at The Heritage Foundation.


Killing Osama

Oliver North

....highly successful operation validates Ronald Reagan's maxim for terrorists after U.S. Navy SEALs captured the murderous hijackers of the Achille Lauro in October 1985: "You can run, but you can't hide." Afterward, one of the participants penned a corollary: "Don't bother to run -- you will only die tired."

I have to agree with his conclusion that we should never have said whether or not we got Osama.  I mean why broadcast it?  Why not let Al Qada figure it out for themselves?  Why all the chest beating?  Especially when comes to the release of "the treasure trove" of files and data Obama discussed on '60 Minutes'.  Instead of our enemy knowing we killed their de facto leader and taking all his communications dating back years, had we said nothing, Al Qeda would likely have continued communicating at least for several days, but possibly weeks or months, in normal patterns and we would have been tracking them the entire time.  But, sadly we have a man-child president, who is only thinking about his political future, who needed to be propped up by his "gutsy call".  

In fact, like Col. North, I'd agree BHO had no choice, really. The compound was too close to a Pakistani army base to strike with a drone and had it ever leaked that he potentially had OBL in his sights and did not take him it would destroy, forever, any chance of his re-election, his legacy and potentially the entire Democrat Party.  After all, Bill Clinton was the first to be offered OBL (twice) and did not take it.  If two Democrats had had a shot and not taken it, I doubt the American public would ever again trust a Democrat as commander-in-chief.  Col. North also points out:

A "we will not confirm or deny" statement from the White House in the aftermath of the JSOC operation would have made it more difficult in the short-term for Obama to appear "decisive" and "hands on." But years from now, when the full story was finally revealed, he would have been seen as more "presidential." It also would have made it easier for those friends we do have in Pakistan to continue cooperating with our military and intelligence services.

Oh the horror!

New London Graduation Requirement:

Speak English

Only 16 percent of 10th graders test at the highest levels.

By LeAnne Gendreau

"Students in New London [CT] will not only have to pass English to graduate, but they will have to prove that they know the American English language and be able to demonstrate it as of 2015."

The next thing you know they'll want them to be able to do math and know history!  Oh the horror!  The humanity!  

How long until the ACLU fights this? 

How did this get through the Obama policy censors at CBS...?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Belated Congratulations to Our Special Forces AND President Obama

Yes.  I said it.  Congratulations to our Special Forces and President Obama.  It has been a week of great emotion regarding the killing of Osama/Usama bin Laden.  My first reaction was, "We finally got the bastard."  Then I heard about the burial at sea and got suspicious.  I am now thoroughly convinced OBL is dead.  

Having said that, my next layer of thoughts pertained to, “How did they get him?”  I’ve read, watched and listened to the details of the operation, from the initial code name for the courier coming out a few years ago, to the spotting of the suspicious compound.  All I can say is I'm glad I'm on our side.  

As for the motivation of Obama to order this type of mission, I do believe he apparently does possess some ability to make the correct decisions for the good of the USA.  This is an ability I've been wondering doubt for some time.  It is important to know BHO has this capability, for reasons I'll get back to.  BHO also seems to be willing to take risk.  This was a politically risky move, no doubt about it.  Had the choppers crashed inside Pakistan or had they invaded a compound and killed people that turned out to be innocent civilians, this could have been the end of his presidency and been a very significant international fiasco.   This leads me to believe that despite it being a "gutsy" decision for Obama, he had to be completely convinced OBL was there and that the Special Forces had every contingency covered.  BHO does not make decisions like this quickly or easily.  I see there were reports it took him 16 hours to decide.  I'd say for this president, that is record speed.  I do not begrudge him for taking the time; it has to be a gut wrenching process of weighing all the options and ultimately being the guy on the hook for the success or failure of such an operation.  Barrack Hussein Obama made the right call.  Congratulations Mr. President!

Next, I have to congratulate the intelligence community.  I do not know how they do what they do, but I'm damn glad they do it for us and not them.  The fact that it took years of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and that the information did not get ignored or confined to a specific agency was nothing less than a bureaucratic miracle.  Many people whose names will never be spoken touched, read, passed on the information that kept the information flow alive.

And, of course, the Special Forces (specifically Navy Seals Team 6, if reports are to be believed) community is simply amazing.  I am convinced they are far deadlier than have ever been portrayed in movies.  These are men of incredible resolve, intellect, bravery who have endured years of brutal training to become the best of the best.  I cannot put into words the esteem in which I hold them, other than to say I am simply in awe.  Congratulations men!  Congratulations from a grateful citizen.

I do believe that the Bush administration ought to be thanked.  It was the resolve of GHWB who put us on the trajectory to find OBL and bring him to justice, "dead or alive".  It was men like Rumsfeld who realized that our armed forced had to be rebuilt to face the reality of a new type of enemy.  Rummy had to turn that ship around ASAP and build up capabilities, some from the ground up, and divert budgets and resources to fight a war like we've never fought before.  It was sweeping action of the Bush administration that reversed Jamie Gorelick's idiotic FISA provision's that allowed 9/11 to occur in the first place. So, congratulations to the men & women who served in the Bush administration that allowed us to have the capabilities to even conduct such a mission to begin with...  If I were a crazy terrorist I would be scared to death of the U.S. because we finish what we start, even when our president’s change through our peaceful election process.

I have a couple more thoughts on this subject.  First, I am a little appalled by all the celebration regarding OBL's death.  Please don't misunderstand me; I am glad we are rid of what was the world's worst homicidal maniac.  But, I find the celebration is a little unseemly for two reasons.  I don't think we are necessarily safer because OBL is dead.  In fact, some would argue that we may now experience a spike in attacks.  We'll see.  Mainly, I hope we are not lulled into a false sense of security.  But, more importantly, I do not believe we should be seen as celebrating because it is simply in bad taste.  It is not humble behavior at all.  I believe it would have been better for the USA to be seen as simply finishing what it said it was going to do.  I don't ever remember John Wayne screaming, "Yippie!  I killed the bastard!"  The Duke simply blew the smoke from the barrel of his gun and re-holstered it, looking at the dead body with disdain and disgust as he got on his horse and rode away.  Classy.  Death, even that of a vile homicidal maniac should not be celebrated.  This war is not over.  

That leads me to my last train if thought regarding the death of OBL.  I am appalled by the lack of gratitude expressed by the "peaceful" Muslims around the world.  If, in fact, OBL represented a dishonest faction of Islam, then they ought to be glad to be rid of him and all he represented.  Aside from Saudi Arabia, no other Muslim country nor any "moderate/peaceful" Muslim leader has said that Islam is better off now that OBL is dead.  That, to me, is an ominous sign.  It leads me to believe that there may not be as many "peace-loving moderate" Muslims in the world.  Maybe, though they have never said so, they secretly reveled in the fact that OBL was able to elude the U.S. for so long. 

I believe we have seen the end of round one in the battle against radical Islamists.  Only time will tell if Islam is a religion of peace, as they say.  

I hope (and pray) for the best but, I am preparing for the worst.