Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How bad are things, REALLY...?

Here are three random stories in the news today.  Each describes one part of what is a conglomeration if problems created by the mishandling of the U.S. economy by Barack Hussein Obama....

Congressional Budget Office reports another $1 trillion deficit
The Politico 

By DAVID ROGERS | 1/31/12 10:06 AM EST 

The $1.079 trillion deficit now projected for this fiscal year ending Sept. 30 is a step backwards from what CBO had predicted in August.


CBO: Taxes Will ‘Shoot Up by More Than 30 Percent’ Over Next 2 Years

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ron Paul supported Cynthia McKinney in 2008...?

That is about all you need to know about Ron Paul.  I agree with his fiscal policies, but that is about where my agreement with him stops.

Here's the story from 2008:

Paul dismisses major party nominees

Posted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor September 10, 2008 07:31 PM
Boston Globe

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul urged his supporters today to vote for a minor-party candidate, saying that he had rejected a last-minute appeal from Republican John McCain for his endorsement. 
The Texas congressman cultivated a loyal following and raised sizable amounts of campaign cash online during the Republican primaries. 
At a news conference in Washington he appeared with independent Ralph Nader, the consumer activist, and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney, the former Georgia congresswoman. 
Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman from Georgia, held his own news conference to announce he has asked Paul, the party's nominee in 1988, to be his running mate. 
In a letter sent to Paul, Barr called Paul one of the "few American patriots" who exist in today's society, and asked him to "seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics."
UPDATE: Nader issued a statement tonight:
"Today, along with other third party candidates, I joined Congressman Ron Paul to endorse a common agenda that stands up for the US Constitution by ending illegal wars, and protecting the privacy and civil liberties of all persons under US jurisdiction. We also jointly called for an immediate halt to the increase in the national debt, an end to corporate subsidies and taxpayer bailouts of corporations, and to start aggressively pursuing prosecution of corporations that commit crimes and frauds.
"Both Congressman Paul and I also support holding President Bush and Dick Cheney to account for their transgressions against our Constitution.
"Today's coming together of third party candidates marks the beginning of the realignment of American politics.
"While Congressman Paul and I do not agree on all things -- such as health and safety regulations, health insurance systems, and how to handle areas where the market fails or is not up to the task of getting the best outcomes for the American people -- on the overriding foreign policy, reckless waste financed by deficit spending, and civil liberties issues of the day, we stand together. He is a stalwart who has consistently stood up for what he believes in and never wavered when he is opposed by the legions of commercial interests and lobbyists that swarm the Capitol." 
When you're sharing the stage in support of Cynthia McKinney & Ralph Nader, you know you've gone too far....  It's too bad most of his supporters are ill-informed college kids or idealists. 

Even Rand Paul looked uncomfortable sharing the stage with his father in Iowa. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Who's next? Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins?

From Politico:

McCain to endorse Romney tomorrow


John McCain will endorse his '08 rival Mitt Romney tomorrow, a top Republican source confirmed to POLITICO.
The Arizona senator fought a bitter nomination battle with Romney four years ago, though Romney has worked to mend the relationship since then. The endorsement was first reported byBuzzFeed.McCain’s endorsement will help Romney pivot away from Iowa, toward New Hampshire, and turn the page on the caucuses in any case. But McCain also symbolizes much of what the GOP base doesn’t want in its 2012 nominee, so it’ll be interesting to see just how closely Romney hugs the Arizona senator.
The endorsement is also a blow to Jon Huntsman, who has attempted to campaign as a McCain-style maverick and staked his whole bid on the state that made McCain a national figure.

I am sure Romney thinks this is a good thing.  Personally, I think it's the kiss of death. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Great RNC Ad. A sign if things to come....?

Debunking: The fact-free world of Reagan myth making

I knew when I read the title of this guys earlier post: "Krugman nails it, for the millionth time!", it would be easy to blow this idiot out of the water....

Reagan agreed to a compromise which included raising taxes in exchange for the democrats reducing some spending.  In typical democrat style, the taxes were implemented, but the spending cuts never materialized.  The truth is in the congressional record, should you care to do the research instead of trying to rewrite history.

When Reagan took office in 1980, there were 16 tax brackets ranging from 0% ($3,400 or less) to 70% ($215,400).  When Reagan left office in 1988 there were 2 brackets: 15% (income up to $29,750) and 28% for income over $29,750).  Coincidentally, revenues increased from $517.1 billion to $909.2 billion.  Sadly, the democrat controlled congress spent at an even faster rate (from a -$73.8 billion dollar deficit in 1980 to -$221.2 billion dollar deficit in 1986).

Facts really are stubborn things.