Friday, December 04, 2015

My take on Syed Farook and TashFeen Malik's Terrorist Attack

I know.  You have all been waiting for my thoughts on the California shootings.  So here it goes (liberals should leave now).
Investigation predictions:
1) Syed Farook (the husband) found a 'devote' Muslim via for muslims.  He was likely prone to extremism.  Why else would he seek for a suitable 'wife' on the other side of the world when he was actively involved in his local mosque and could have found a suitable wife right here in the good 'ol USA?
2) Tashfeen Malik was sent to Saudi Arabia to 'school' where she was radicalized, whether she was sent there to be radicalized or not, she was radicalized and/or learned her tradecraft in Saudi Arabia.
3) Some entity financed the relationship and the ensuing purchase of their arsenal consisting of readily available weapons & ammunition plus pipe bombs and remote control cars for delivery.  I believe (while, likely untraceable) the money came from Saudi Arabia.
4) Once here and married (or visa versa) they readily adapted to their surroundings.  They did what any newly married young couple would do, they made a baby.  Here is a disturbing part.  The child was not a result of a loving relationship between a married couple.  It was a prop in a masquerade as a happily married muslim couple.  No mother who had any vision of a life-long relationship with their child would voluntarily leave their baby behind to a likely suicide mission along side their husband.
5) Once here and married (and likely before - probably by whoever introduced them in Saudi Arabia) they began to plan a terrorist attack.  The attack they planned was likely much larger than the one they carried out, this the pipe bombs and transportation remote control cars for a delivery method.
6) Once here and married, as time ticked on, they began to plan an attack.  The more time they spent planning the attack, the more Syed felt dissed at work.  His anger grew at work and his radicalization was fed by his far more radical wife at home.
7) They decided an attack was likely imminent so they began to destroy their digital footprint by destroying hard drives and untraceable cell phones.
8) At the Christmas party, someone said something that pushed Syed over the edge.  He decided to push up the timeline of the planned attack. So he went home where he got loaded up with weapons, ammunition and bombs.  His wife insisted on joining him as he returned to the party to kill his co-workers.  They left their baby with their live-in baby sitter, his mom [ a likely co-conspirator].  They loaded up and returned to the party which was held in an insecure 'gun-free' building.
9) The big reveal (which will probaly NEVER be reported) is that all the money and all of the training came from Saudi Arabia.  remember 15 of 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi born citizens.
Here is something to think about:

All the crap going on in the muslim world and NO ATTACKS of any consequence has occurred in Saudi Arabia.  I do not believe in coincidences. The Middle-east is burning to the ground all around them (literally - look at a map) and Saudi Arabia is silent and unaffected? How is that possible? Muslim refugees are fleeing Syria and Iraq and NONE are seeking refuge in Saudi Arabia?  How is that possible?  Saudi Arabia has almost ALL the OIL money (not most of which is the USA's anymore, thankfully).

Now is the time to jam it up the Saudi's a**.  They cannot escape this anymore.  It is time to stand up to Saudi Arabia.
Want some background on Saudi Arabia?  Why not watch the last straight journalist left in the USA.