Monday, June 29, 2009

It This A View Of The Future Of The USA...?

Tetra Pak to seek immediate talks with government after Chavez counterfeiting threat
By Rory Harrington, 16-Jun-2009

The global packaging giant [Tetra] admitted it was taken back when Hugo Chavez declared that his country would no longer recognize patented products. The mercurial 54-year-old leader said his country might copy packing technology developed by Tetra Pak as part of a strategy to reduce costs and reliance on foreign companies.

The company was reacting to the announcement made on national television in which the left-wing Chavez dismissed patents as “universal knowledge” before declaring: “We don’t have to be subject to capitalist laws.” The government also said it would also seize cardboard manufacturers that refused to supply packaging to state-owned food companies.

How long before BHO decides patents represent "universal knowledge" and decides to return the ownership of that "universal knowledge" over to what its 'rightful owners' the working class people of the U.S.?

So far BHO has dissolved the validity of contracts when he nationalized Chrysler & GM and gave the majority ownership to the unions; when he forces banks to take TARP money then wouldn't accept repayment of the money; so how long before he simply negates intellectual property rights?

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