Friday, September 18, 2009

I Promise I wrote the comments in my previous post BEFORE I read this amazing column by Charles Krauthammer. I Promise!

Does He Lie?
By Charles Krauthammer
Friday, September 18, 2009
The Washington Post

I remember Rush Limbaugh once saying that if he had to trade his brain for any other brain, he would trade for Charles Krauthammer's. Having said that, I want you to note how the afore mentioned Mr. Krauthammer finishes his column:

Obama doesn't lie. He implies, he misdirects, he misleads -- so fluidly and incessantly that he risks transmuting eloquence into mere slickness.

Slickness wasn't fatal to "Slick Willie" Clinton because he possessed a winning, nearly irresistible charm. Obama's persona is more cool, distant, imperial. The charming scoundrel can get away with endless deception; the righteous redeemer cannot.

Isn't it funny that both Krauthammer & I default to eluding to Clinton. I guess it's true, great minds do think alike.

By commutative property of association I think Rush may be willing to trade for my brain as well…

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