Saturday, October 03, 2009

Michael Moore, "Hippo"crite extraordinaire...

Michael Moore...

His name alone makes be bristle with disdain. It's not so much that I hate him, it’s just that, well I kinda hate him.

He is an absolutely untalented hack, made famous by the smarmy fringe media (Note to new readers: Fox News Channel is main stream. The rest are fringe lackeys...) propping him up through undeserved attention. Yuck!

Here is a guy who charges from $25,000-50,000 per speaking engagement, makes millions on movies (not his latest, but on some of them) and by any ordinary measurement he is exploiting capitalism in his attempts to destroy capitalism. If he actually lived in a country like the ones he looks up to (Cuba, Venezuela, etc...), he would be making propaganda films or be in jail. (Likely he would be in jail, as he is not a good enough filmmaker to actually get away with making films in any other country).

So here we are:

His latest movie is box office failure (big surprise - though, I'm sure it will become required viewing in schools)

Now for the cherry on top:

The Fat B****** does not even have enough intellectual integrity to use union labor when making his films...


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