Monday, November 23, 2009

NOW they are worrying about too much debt...?

Weighing Jobs and Deficit
White House Is Unenthusiastic on Legislation That Would Raise Government Debt
NOVEMBER 23, 2009
The Wall Street Journal

The White House is lukewarm about proposals by congressional Democrats to introduce broad legislation to create jobs, instead favoring targeted measures that would be less likely to inflate the deficit, administration officials said.

There is as yet no agreement within the White House or in Congress on how to try to curb the U.S. jobless rate.

Are they that STUPID? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Do they not know that lowering taxes, increasing business tax deductions by allowing businesses to depreciate capital expenditures, by decreasing government mandates (re: healthcare) on businesses and by promoting individual self reliance (instead of continuously extending unemployment benefits)? Why do they not know this stuff?

How did they get to where they are without knowing this kind of elementary economics?

Why do we keep electing these boneheads?

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