Thursday, September 02, 2010

No kidding...

Jobs deficit lays bare failure of Obamanomics
Asia Times Online
By Peter Morici

With thousands of young college graduates moving in with parents and returning Iraq-war veterans facing long-term unemployment, President Barack Obama is scrambling for cover. Irresponsible spending, largesse for big banks and subsidies for a broken healthcare system have busted the budget and failed to create jobs.

Economists expect the US Labor Department to report on Friday that the economy lost another 80,000 jobs in August after shedding 131,000 in July.
My question is, "How long with it take for them to realize their policies were never intended to work?"

I mean really, will anyone in the Fringe Media ever figure out that BHO is intentionally destroying the American economy, so they can "remake america" (little 'a') in their image. One of government largess doled out by the ruling class. You can call it what ever you want: socialism, communism, statism, whatever, the result is the same. Those of us in the country class (out here in fly-over country) get the shaft. This is exactly as they planned. Create chaos Cloward & Piven style by over loading the system, then come to the rescue with big government intervention.

The bottom line is, their policies were never intended to work. No one with an once of economic knowledge would do what they are doing with the thought that it was going to improve the economy.

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