Friday, January 14, 2011

A Billion Dollar Presidency...

And so it begins. The money raising for the 2012 presidential election. A half a BILLION dollars per candidate..... Wow...

Barack Obama's 2012 cash challenge
POLITICO | Congress | Barack Obama's 2012 cash challenge By JEANNE CUMMINGS | 1/14/11 4:37 AM EST

Bracing for a half-billion-dollar onslaught of outside GOP cash in 2012, President Barack Obama’s advisers are quietly working to bring back together the major donor base that produced a record-breaking fundraising haul in his first run for president.

Ironically, in an article ostensibly about Obama fund raising they still take time to take a poke at the GOP:

In other places, such as Pennyslvania, top donors say Obama has to get in line behind other candidates who need the cash more urgently. And some donors are worried that the party has been slow off the mark in responding to the latest onslaught of GOP fundraising, millions of dollars raised from secret donors by a variety of Republican outside groups, including two associated with former Bush advisers Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

And they (thankfully) face a difficult battle due to the midterms:

[An Obama supporter is] considering organizing a fundraiser in the Philadelphia area. But he’s told Obama’s team that it must wait until the re-election committees of Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and others are on solid financial ground.

“In the most important states for the president to win, in every one of them, there is someone up for re-election,” said Buttenweisser, noting Senate contests in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Unlike 2008, Democrats no longer hold the governor’s office in any of those states. So, in Pennsylvania, Casey “offers more to President Obama than the reverse. Anything we can do to strengthen Sen. Casey’s re-election, not only does that, but also helps lay the groundwork for President Obama’s re-election.”

Ain't politics grand?

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