Friday, February 04, 2011

So why aren't we drilling?

The Interior Department's Culture of Contempt
Michelle Malkin

Read the article, then think about what is going to happen to the price of oil when the Muslim Brotherhood gets it hands on the Suez Canal. Think about it. Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Sudan added to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. How long until Saudi Arabia falls? Once a caliphate is created the return of the Muslim controlled Ottoman Empire is complete. Do you suppose they'll be anxious to sell oil to people whose heads they would prefer to cut off?

So you think all this is crazy talk from Glenn Beck, right? What about this guy? George Friedman and his organization, Statfor have come to largely the same conclusions. Does the CIA think he's crazy? Because they hire Stratfor to supply them with information.

Now more than ever, we need to drill. We need to drill in the gulf, in the Dakota's, in ANWR, off the California coast, off the Atlantic coast, where ever we can find oil, we need to go get it.

Unfortunately we have a wet noodle for a president who couldn't lead his way out of paper bag. Where is the presidential leadership on this issue?

Could it be that BHO wants oil prices to be higher?

Why is Obama blocking permits?

We already know BHO wants higher energy prices...

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