Friday, April 29, 2011

Debt Ceiling, Smebt Ceiling.....

The Washington Post Opinions
Posted at 09:34 AM ET, 04/29/2011
By Jennifer Rubin

In sum, the Democratic Party has thrown overboard decades of tax ideology (“soak the rich”) and succumbed to the Republicans’ insistence that Keynesian spending must end and fiscal discipline must commence.

The White House has lost control of the fiscal debate and of its own party. (“The White House has condemned efforts to attach additional measures to the debt-ceiling issue. Press secretary Jay Carney has called it ‘a dangerous, risky idea to hold hostage . . . a vote on raising the debt ceiling to any other piece of legislation.’ ”) Now, the White House grudgingly accepts the prospect of spending conditions. I suppose this is, as they say, leading from behind.

I am trying to figure out Ms. Rubin's point.  Is she for the continued stimulus spending binge in Washington?  Does she think we should pass the deficit cap with no strings attached?  Maybe we should just eliminate the deficit cap altogether? 

I'll tell you what, Ms. Rubin.  Why don't you call your credit card company and tell them to remove the limit on your card.  Explain to them how by allowing you to spend ad infinitum, you will be able to take care of your family so much better and grow the economy.  You'll be able to provide a larger house (infrastructure), raise allowances (entitlements),  install some solar panels & a geothermal HVAC system (green technology) , sent all your relatives to Ivy League Schools (education) if only you did not have that nasty spending cap on your credit card.  Explain to them how the economy would grow if you got to build a bigger home, if they spent their allowances on products, how your expenses would decrease due to the solar panels & geo HVAC and how much more successful everyone would be if allowed to go to the best schools...   I'm sure they would lift the cap - no strings attached - right?

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