Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MSM Hoping for a Black Swan event...

This is why people question the MSM.  Their unabashed support of their supreme leader, Obama is bordering on lunacy.  Does anyone believe this drivel?  Really?  Obama and his cronies in the lame-stream media are putting all their "hope" in an economic black swan event, while their policies are doing everything to ensure none will happen.
The best thing for this economy will occur in November 2012 when this president is defeated.  Once he is defeated by a candidate who has a solid grasp of economic reality and knows that you have to squash Obamacare before the genie gets too far out of the bottle and current tax rates are made permanent, then the economic engine will at least begin to fire on some certainty.  As long as this uncertainty remains, we will be in Obama's Great Recession....

Here's the crazy article from the nearly defunct Time Magazine:

Getting Ready for a Black Swan

The biggest stock market surprise could be an unexpected economic rebound.
Successful investors take account of all known economic facts, but also try to be prepared for the most unlikely events. And as bad as trends look right now, it actually wouldn’t be impossible for the economy to surprise everyone with a rebound over the next 12 months.

Can you hear the the "hope" in the author words...?

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