Friday, July 19, 2013

IRS Chief Counsel (1 of 2 IRS Political Appointees) Implicated in IRS-Tea Party Scandal

Peggy Noonan, in her column in the WSJ yesterday provided very succinct  summary of testimony in the Congressional hearings.

Let me summarize the summary:

Elizabeth Hofacre (IRS - Cincinnati) pointed her finger up to Carter Hull a lawyer in the IRS Washington office.  She was told that all Tea Party and Patriot cases got "kicked upstairs" while all others were to be processed as normal.

Carter Hull then testified that these cases would get reviewed by the IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, one of only two political appointees in the IRS. He then sat on them through the 2012 election cycle.

Ronald Shoemaker (Carter Hulls supervisor), told investigators he didn't find that kind of question unreasonable, but he found the counsel's office to be "not very forthcoming": "We discussed it to some extent and they indicated that they wanted more development of possible political activity or political intervention right before the election period."

So this is a bombshell allegation on the order of Watergate, right?  All the media outlets are scurrying to investigate and report this, right?  Oh, contraire mon frere....    See screen prints below:

Even Fox News pays little attention:

So how do we respond?  

At what point will we need to stage marches in front of news stations across the nation to get them to report that this regime is using the IRS to target U.S. citizens and affect the outcome of elections?  

Will we wait until after the 2014 elections?  

After the 2016?  


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