Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We know all democrats lie, but this one even lies about his own name.....

Texas pol serves seven terms under alias

By   /   October 11, 2013 

HOUSTON — Ferdinand Frank Fischer III would be a great name for a Mexican monarchist trying to reclaim the crown of Emperor Maximilian, but it’s a lousy name for an ambitious American politician from a Latino district of San Antonio.
That’s why Fischer ditched it years ago, trying on a couple of monikers before building a name for himself as Trey Martinez Fischer, politician on the rise.
There’s no mystery why Fischer would want to pretend to be named Martinez. Sixty percent of the voting-age population in his district is Hispanic, and the percentage is even higher among Democrats. Six of the seven Democratic state representatives fromBexar County use Hispanic last names; the other five, as far as we know, have every right to do so. 

What's really rich, is that he (incidentally, I'm sure)  opposes Voter ID Laws, even lying that his mother would be unable to vote if they were passed.  Of course, that was just another in a long line of lies from this charlatan.  He's actually used quite a number of alias'...
There are other documents where he mashes together bits of his real name and stage name – Ferdinand F Trey Fischer, III; Trey Fischer Martinez; Ferdinand Trey M. Fischer, III; Ferdinand Trey Frank Fischer, III – so that it’s always clear who the subject is.
Maybe, he really opposes the voter ID Law because HE would be unable to vote.

So there we have it.  Further proof that the lying liars (aka: democrats) just keep on lying....

Sadly, his low information voter district will likely continue to vote for him in spite of his complete an udder dishonesty and pandering behavior.  I mean really, what's in a name anyhow?

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An80sReaganite said...

I thought there wasn't any voter fraud, so there was no need for voter ID laws... I'm just sayin' http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/milwaukee-man-pleads-guilty-to-five-counts-of-voter-fraud-b99119682z1-227686051.html