Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why are there not more people like J. Patrick Boyle in this world?

I love it when people who actually know what they are talking about finally get so fed up they fight back! It is about time someone stop the insane degradation of the American food producers. What the American food supply chain accomplishes year after year is nothing short of a miracle given the history of mankind's plights with famine. These companies ought to be lauded for providing nourishment for EVERY American and having so much left over we can literally GIVE IT AWAY to the rest of the world. This TIME article is as despicable as it is predictable from leftist rag run by a bunch of granola crunching Birkenstock & burlap wearing vegans!

I am so proud that FINALLY an executive spoke up! He actually isn't backing down! He's taking it right back at 'em. Why don't we have more people like J. Patrick Boyle running trade organizations and corporations in this world? Read J. Patrick Boyle's response here. It is awesome!

As someone who was worked in and out of the food processing business for over decade I can tell it is nothing truly amazing how much work goes into producing for people safe food as cheaply as it is being provided. You all ought to thank God in heaven you live here in the USA in the 21st century. You are the best fed and healthiest humans in all of human history and you spend less money as a percentage of your income and spend even less time thinking about food than at anytime in all of human history. GET REAL, PEOPLE!

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