Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yeah, that and the fact it's all a hoax....

Psychological barriers hobble climate action
Yesterday, 09:04 pm
Reuters UK

Psychological barriers like uncertainty, mistrust and denial keep most Americans from acting to fight climate change, a task force of the American Psychological Association said on Wednesday. [Yeah, that and the fact it's all a hoax...]

While most Americans -- 75 percent to 80 percent in a Pew Research Center poll -- said climate change is an important issue, it still ranked last in a list of 20 compelling issues such as the economy or terrorism, the task force said. [No kidding...? Who would have thunk?]

Numerous psychological barriers are to blame, the task force found, including: uncertainty over climate change, mistrust of the messages about risk from scientists or government officials, denial that climate change is occurring or that it is related to human activity. [Wow. That is great! People are finally beginning to wake up!!!!]

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