Wednesday, March 07, 2012

So what is after the loony left's nationalization of healthcare?

The pretext:  “Food is one of the only base human needs where the American government lets the private market dictate its delivery to our communities.”

So, now we know.  They are not just going after children's school lunches or soldiers meals.  No, now it is time to get the government involved in food distribution.  As what is the motivation?  Well, it's a "food justice" thing.  a class warfare thing - only the rich can afford to eat well.  

Before the Food Arrives on Your Plate, So Much Goes on Behind the Scenes

Ms. McMillan’s chapters about Walmart and Applebee’s are the book’s best. She is not a slash-and-burn critic of either company: both provide needed jobs and treat their employees at least moderately well. But you will steer clear of both places after reading about her travails.


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