Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama: Transforming America Using Chicago Style Political Methods and Detroit as a Template

Yes, I am saying it.  There two very good books  describing what led to the demise of a once great city.  

Devil's Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit  by Ze've Chafets

and the newer book building on the theme outlined by Ze'ev Chafets: 

What Doomed Detroit by Kevin D. Williamson

In a recent review of Williamson's book by David Issac of the Washington Free Beacon, he describes the racial politics, early by white democrats against blacks, and in more modern times, black democrats against whites.  

Williamson writes about the more recent democrat racism: 
“Detroit is a city in which black identity politics has trumped, and continues to trump, every other consideration, from basic finances to public safety.”
“It is an irony of our history that the political home of black racism in American politics is also the historical political home of white racism: the Democratic Party...”

Issac describes a scene from a Detroit City Council meeting in the book:
During a 2009 debate on expanding a city convention center the assembled crowd told whites who were present to “go home.” Monica Conyers, then-council president and wife of Rep. John Conyers (D., Mich.), told a white union representative: “Those workers look like you—they don’t look like me.” Monica Conyers would later be convicted of bribery charges related to Detroit’s pension funds.
So how is this a template?  Well, beginning in the 1974 (and lasting 20 years, until 1994) Detroit came under the rule of an authoritarian Coleman Young.  Coleman young, as you can read about on your own, was an avowed communist and black nationalist.  He used the race card wherever it suited him, from lowering the expectations of his actual accomplishments with his constituency to playing the race card with anyone who opposed him.  And throughout is all, he lined his pockets.  

Sound familiar?  This is Obama's template for his own regime.  And when the race card doesn't work Obama pulls out all the stops to eradicate opposition.  Starting with his early races Obama knew he could no compete in the area of ideas, especially if he told the truth.  This is why he had to eliminate the opposition, not beat the competition.  In Obama's first election he simply used a procedural challenge to eliminate the incumbent opponent.  You can read all about Obama's early elections here.

Still don't believe me?  What about the Presidential Executive Orders ?  Even worse is the still unraveling scandal in Obama's IRS.  Seriously, if this doesn't scare the hell out of you, you have no clue who & what the federal government, especially a Justice Department headed by the Chief Law Officer of the U.S., U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder  is capable of...

The list of Obama's scandals, mis-deed's and blunders are of epic proportions, but even scarier is that in addition to all the rest of the internal scandals, Obama is gutting the military of generals opposed to the Commander in Chief's  leaving the U.S. military, "unprepared to deploy".  All this while allowing Russia to build spy stations (disguised as GPS tracking stations) ON U.S. SOIL!

What next?

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