Friday, November 15, 2013

More Healthcare Navigator Fraud...

...and so the story goes on...

More Obamacare Fraud from these sources:

Kris McCray
Change Happens
3353 Elgin Street
Houston, TX 77004
Grants Received: $785,000

Community Health Center of South Central Texas
111 Laurel Av.
Luling, Tx  
Grants Received: $145,251.00

Claudia Flamand
Outreach & Enrollment Specialist
NORTH Texas Area Community Health Center
2100 N. Main St., Suite 109
Fort Worth, TX  76164
Grants Received: $139,487

Mrs. Dorthy
National Urban League - Admin Offices
4315 S. Lancaster Rd
Dallas, TX

Christopher Cole (No fraud, just admitting the system doesn't work.)
Houston Area Community Services
2150 w 18th st #300
Houston, TX 
Grants Received: $73,981

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