Thursday, May 21, 2009

"The Architect" on BHO...

Flip-Flops and Governance
Our president isn't quite as advertised.

Mr. Rove has such a clear grasp of the facts and is very articulate in laying out his case, even the left will have to agree with his take on this:

Mr. Obama's appealing campaign images turned out to have been fleeting. He ran hard to the left on national security to win the nomination, only to discover the campaign commitments he made were shallow and at odds with America's security interests.

Mr. Obama ran hard to the center on economic issues to win the general election. He has since discovered his campaign commitments were obstacles to ramming through the most ideologically liberal economic agenda since the Great Society.

Mr. Obama either had very little grasp of what governing would involve or, if he did, he used words meant to mislead the public. Neither option is particularly encouraging. America now has a president quite different from the person who advertised himself for the job last year. Over time, those things can catch up to a politician.

Note: Please read the entire article.

And a big "Thank you" to Mr. Rove for staying engaged, but speaking from the facts, not simply providing hyperbole.

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