Friday, May 08, 2009

Pat gets it about 85% correct....

The Party of Frank Ricci
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Human Events Online
My response to the article is as follows:

As usual, Pat gets it about 85% correct. Two areas of contention:

1) Iraq as an unjust war. Based on the facts at the time, it was a just war. Regardless of the fact that no WMD's were found, a potential (I say potential, because I believe BHO can screw it up for us by leaving too fast) side effect of the Iraq war is to have a lasting pseudo democracy in a Middle Eastern country, sandwiched between Saudi Arabia & Iran. If freedom reins, it would mean the eventual collapse of two totalitarian regimes without further U.S. blood shed.. My confidence was not boosted, however, when I saw the leader of the free world bow to the Saudi Prince as if he were one of his loyal subjects. BHO could (and likely will) screw up the success finally achieved in Iraq.

2. U.S. manufacturing left the U.S. because of the "WalMart Effect". This is simply stated that people will go where the money is, or money will go where the people are because the U.S. consumer demands an ever increasing standard of living. If you want to buy a white cotton undershirt made in North Carolina, you would likely have to pay about $15/shirt. Union Labor; Taxes - corporate, property, income, etc..; and government regulation - environmental, safety, etc.. have seen to that.

Even China is now outsourcing some its longtime industries (textile specifically) to Vietnam. The irony of that statement is not lost on me.

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