Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself (Though I Never Tried)

Secularism vs. Civitas
by Jed Babbin

Secularism is a euphemism for a set of beliefs that are the antithesis of faith. Boiled down to its basic elements, secularism is man’s subordination of morality to his own earthly judgments, scientific and otherwise.

...the secularist catechism holds that truth is subjective, relative or contextual; because it demands that rationality can solve moral and ontological questions about man’s nature, that discrimination is the greatest of all evils and that patriotism is the only social disease that isn’t sexually-transmitted.

Obama’s thesis -- which [Herbert] London’s book thoroughly debunks -- is that our moral code can exist in the absence of a religious foundation. London writes that secularism -- and its cousin, multiculturalism -- are the primary causes of the weakening of western society at a most dangerous time in history.

To the secularist, civitas -- and its first cousin, patriotism -- are to be scorned in favor of man’s immediate needs and self-defined values. The secularist believes that man’s first duty is always to himself. The phrase “duty, honor, country” so deeply valued among our warriors, means nothing to the secularist.

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