Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Health care reform: 'This is going to happen'

Quotes by San Fran Nan:
"If nothing is done now, health care for them will increase in cost. There are two words that should describe what we're trying to do: lower cost. Lower cost for the families, lower cost for businesses so they can be more competitive, lower cost for our economy so health care doesn't take such a big chunk, and lower cost for our budget because health care reform is entitlement reform. We have to take that spiral down or otherwise, it's endless in terms of growing the deficit. So, lower cost."

Does anyone REALLY beleive this? Name ONE thing the government has made CHEAPER!

We should be able to squeeze as much as we possibly can out of the current system. [Squeeze who? Squeeze what?] If [IF? IF? Is she admitting they don't have a clue?] it's a trillion dollars, over half of that has to come from savings and then half from a revenue stream, a co-pay, something else ["SOMETHING ELSE? WHAT IS SOMETHING ELSE?]. When you say taxing the wealthy, you have to see what you're comparing it to. What is the choice that is to be made? The Senate started out by saying they were going to have to tax people's health insurance benefits. That is a tax largely on the middle class. So where do you go get that much money? ["That much money" that's government spoeak for a lot of money.] Well, at the high end, which has been enjoying quite a fiesta [Does anyone feel like they are in a fiesta?] the last eight years in terms of tax cuts in the Bush administration. If the Senate comes up with a potpourri of further cuts or other sources of revenue that don't hurt the middle class, then that's something we should all be looking at. But this (reform) is going to happen [In other words, "We don;t give a rip what the U.S. Taxpayers think, WE are going to make this decision for you stupid little people!]. And those who oppose it are mainly just opposed to health care.

Yes, we would certainly like to have bipartisan support [But they don't have to have ANY Republican support to pass it] . But understand that we have differences of opinion as to the role of government, and in public policy, as it relates to health care. If there are ways that Republicans want to participate, that's fine. By and large, the Republicans (in the House) don't believe in doing that, the government role. Now, perhaps in the Senate, they will be able to come to some agreement. This is one of those things where everything is on the table.

President Obama has been completely committed to bipartisanship [LIE. Name one item where he yielded to Republicans. He doesn't need to and hasn't. This is HIS economy. It is the OBAMA STIMULUS package that is failing] . What I think he's finding out, but what we hope to change, is that there is not a shared value when it comes to expanding health care for Americans [THANK YOU, SO FAR REPUBLICANS. STAND FIRM IN OPPOSITION!] , that there wasn't any interest in reversing climate change [THANK YOU, SO FAR REPUBLICANS. STAND FIRM IN OPPOSITION!] and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and on fossil fuels [THANK YOU, SO FAR REPUBLICANS. STAND FIRM IN OPPOSITION!] . But I think that as we go along, we have a responsibility to strive for finding our common ground. If we don't have it, though, we have to stand our ground.

First of all, I was not briefed that waterboarding was being used. I know that there's confusion about that. They told us that there were those in the administration who thought it was legal [LIE] .

The fact is, after 9/11 until this new president came in, we really had no major initiative in Afghanistan [Tell that to the FORMER Taliban government] . It's a tragedy. It was a missed opportunity for years. And now we have to do something about it.

I don't know that there's a will in the United States to send 300,000 troops to Afghanistan. And that's what some have suggested [WHO?]. You may not know this, but in Congress, one of the hardest votes I had this year wasn't stimulus [I'll bet] . It wasn't the budget [I'll bet] . It wasn't the energy bill [I'll bet] . It was the supplemental (spending bill) for Iraq and Afghanistan [I'll REALLY bet] . The appetite has just gone out.

And yet, that is the war on terrorism. Afghanistan is the place where the terrorists sprang from [partially funded by Sadam Hussein]. That is where they have safe harbor. That's where we need to be to deal with it. But, again, there isn't a big appetite — public appetite — for that. So that's why getting out of Iraq was very, very important [WAS? Are we out already?] .

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