Saturday, July 11, 2009

So where is the stimulus money going...?

Where Is Obama’s Stimulus Money Going?
July 10, 2009 05:09 PM ET
By Peter Roff, Thomas Jefferson Street blog
US NEWS & WORLD REPORT (not exactly a right-wing website)

Major legislation is being pushed unread to President Obama's desk by the Democrats who control the House and Senate. Legislation that is signed, again one can believe unread, by the president and left for the bureaucracy to implement. No one, least of all the American people—whose money it is that is being spent—seems to know what is going on.

.... one about .64 cents of every stimulus dollar going to a county that voted for Obama in 2008 vs. .36 cents to every county that McCain won, so maybe the lack of transparency in the stimulus spending is no accident. It's certainly true that each item that appears to dribble out produces further embarrassment for the congressional leadership.
Let's stimulate my voter base to make sure I get re-elected. That's what this is about. Payoffs like the one to Rep. Kaptur (D-Ohio) who sold out her coal based state for $3,500,000,000.

This is sleazy Chicago politics at its worst. The more you learn about this administration you realize they are trying to cram as must of their liberal social engineering agenda down our throats before the average U.S. citizen knows what has happened to them; how much liberty they have lost.

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