Saturday, July 04, 2009

When Is Coup, Not A Coup?

Honduras is under attack from the world for deposing a man who was attempting a coup. So when is a coup, not a coup?

Here is the scenario. The currently deposed president Manuel Zelaya was attempting to change the constitution so he could stay in power. The Honduras congress and supreme court ruled that he would have to leave at the end of his term. Zelaya siad he planned to stay president of Honduras. The Honduran supreme court and congress authorized the military to arrest and deport Zelaya and his family. They installed an interim president, Roberto Micheletti and are arranging for elections to be held.

Is this what the headlines seem to imply?

"Video shows Honduran troops shooting protesters' bus tires" - CNN
"Honduran court defiant on Zelaya" - BBC
"OAS Demands Honduras Restore Ousted President" - NPR
"End Honduran coup drama" - Miami Herald

And, of course, the U.N. and our President BHO are in full support of the want-to-be dictator, in spite of the fact that he was going to act in clear violation of the Honduran constitution. Is this surprising? When has BHO even come down on the side supporting any constitution? He is likely taking notes and planning his own change to the 22nd amendment of our constitution so he can stay in power past his term limits. Opps, it is already happening.

Imagine, if you will, Bush 43 saying to the American people, “I’d like to stay on past my 2nd term. I believe the country needs my leadership.” Suppose the U.S. congress and Supreme Court say, “No, you can’t stay” and authorized the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take action to oust Bush. Would the U.N. have cried ‘foul’ and forced us to take Bush back? Would the world have supported Bush in this case? What if it had been Bill Clinton? What will happen if BHO tries this?

When will the people of the United States of America ever wake up and realize the media is telling them what to think? Will it be before we lose all our liberty to the tyranny of statism?

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