Friday, January 30, 2009

Individualism vs. Socialism

As the RNC votes for its next Chair, I have to wonder if we will get a leader who thinks like an individualist or a socialist.

I cut the following from a recent e-mail I sent in response to how conservatives should respond to the new far-left and how we should choose our leaders:

First, let be clear. You should all know my perspective. I do not come at this as a moderate. To be fair, that ship has sailed. Every time Republicans nominate a “moderate” (i.e., Bush 41, Dole, McCain) they lose. While Bush 43 was by no means a fiscal conservative, he was a conservative on social and security issues, with the result being that he at least won. I regret he did not once make an attempt to reign in government spending, but again, that is water under the bridge at this point.

The best argument for conservatism is to ask people to analyze how they live their own lives. By wide margins, regardless of people’s race, color, or creed Americans live their lives as conservatives. 90% are NOT gay. 90+% are NOT atheists. 96% are NOT behind on mortgage payments. Do you see what I mean? Even most people who say they are liberals, live their lives as conservatives. They just don’t realize it.

We MUST not break people into “groups” and try to codify them. We must speak to people’s innate desire for the idea of rugged American individualism, for that is what has made the USA great for so long. The government did not invent any of the greatest inventions of the past (and they will NOT create an alternative fuel to replace oil) individual Americans (or relatively small groups) created them. It is those ideals that get to people’s core beliefs.

While it may have become habit for people to look to the government for solutions, they all know in their heart of hearts it is not the American dream to have government involved in every aspect of their lives. It is to this core belief that conservatives (nor necessarily Republican or Democrats) must begin to appeal.

Let the leftists try to buy their votes with programs for everyone of their “groups”. We need to appeal to something larger; the idea of Americans as rugged individualists.

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