Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where to Begin....

So the first story this morning is this: Obama's First Televised Interview with Arabic Network, in which he says, among other things, "that the Americans are not your enemy."

Fair enough. We are not their enemy. Buried in the article it explains how BHO is sending his new envoy to the region, former Sen. George J. Mitchell for a visit to Egypt on Tuesday then on to Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

But wait a minute.... Later, I stumble across this article, Mitchell’s Firm Worked for Dubai Ruler in Jockey Case where it describes the venerable George Mitchell as the "chairman of a law firm that was paid about $8 million representing Dubai’s ruler in connection with a child-trafficking lawsuit."

More interesting headlines: Clinton says world "exhaling" with Obama at top. That may be so, but Bill on the other hand is wondering what is going to happen to his income... Bill Clinton made millions from foreign sources

They're all Democrats, so they are above reproach. There can be no conflicts of interest, no quid pro quo, no bias.... I mean, if these people were Republican, they would be treated the same way, right?

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