Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Heavy Hand of Harry (Reid, that is...)

You all know about the president's plan to create "renewable" energy via wind & solar. The problem they are facing is the solar panels and the windmills are a long way from metropolitan areas. Hence, the abolition of state rights and individual property rights.

The Federal government would be able override states and direct where the lines would go and who would pay for them.

In unveiling the proposal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said an increased federal role in locating power lines was needed to encourage greater availability of electricity produced from wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy sources.

While states and the federal government would jointly develop "green" transmission plans for such areas, the proposal gives final say to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to take land under eminent domain and issue construction permits if a project is determined to be stalled or killed by state action.
Here we go...

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