Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So much for Obama "Most Transparent Administration"

Did we really think a Clinton was going to lead a "transparent" organization just because Obama said so...? Really?

Reines storm: Clinton conflict brews
By BEN SMITH | 3/24/09 4:25 AM EDT
Hillary Clinton’s departure for the State Department was meant to end the era of Clinton drama, and to leave the turmoil of her campaign behind. But one former Clinton aide, now a senior adviser to Secretary Clinton, has brought at least some of that drama along with him. State Department reporters and observers have been buzzing about the brewing conflict since her second foreign trip, earlier this month, to Europe and the Middle East. On that trip, her longtime Senate press secretary Philippe Reines – one of the combatants in Hillaryland’s long civil wars – took over as the political staffer charged with handling the press. The trip was marked by tussles over information and access....

Drama.... Always with the Clinton drama.... Will they ever just go away?

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