Monday, March 09, 2009

Not to worry, BHO has it under control....

From the Miami Herald:
Lax scrutiny allowed Medicare fraud to flourish in Miami-Dade
In January 2007, Medicare shut down the businesses of 18 medical equipment suppliers in Miami-Dade County after investigators told the federal agency that the companies were shams. But when Medicare heard their appeals, the operators were quickly reinstated -- only to be indicted later that year for submitting more than $10 million in phony claims to the very agency that had let them back in business, court records show.

From the NY Times:
The president’s main focus is on starting to reduce the soaring cost of health care. That, he argues, is a prerequisite to making universal coverage affordable and politically palatable.

So we can all rest easy. BHO has it under control. I'm sure Our Dear Leader will ask that there be no more fraud. Case settled.

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