Monday, March 02, 2009

What does it all mean?

Headline: Consumer spending rises in Jan., unlikely to last.
"Consumer spending rises in January after 6 straight declines, but rebound seen as temporary."

That's right, good news about the economy must be stopped at all costs. Otherwise, the crisis is averted and there would be no need for socialism.

Of course, if you keep reading, "There was a big increase in the savings rate to 5 percent. It is good that people save but it is not good that everybody saves at the same time. That makes the current downturn more severe and long lasting." Isn't that good news? No, that too, must be bad news...

I can hear the MSM (mainstream media) now, eyes closed, fists clench, chanting, "No good news, no good news, no good news...."

Why isn't anyone asking, "How can consumer spending and personal savings increase at the same time?"

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