Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought "Dingy" Harry Reid said paying taxes (see below) is voluntary?

State seizes business
Owner preparing legal arguments after arrest for outstanding traffic warrants
An outspoken critic of government and advocate of personal liberty was arrested Wednesday and his Nacogdoches business seized by the state comptroller's officer for failing to collect and pay sales tax. Five Nacogdoches police officers and several enforcement officers from the comptroller's office arrived at IT Freelancers on North Street Wednesday morning, announcing their intention to halt business there until $33,000 of unpaid taxes are remitted to the state. A local locksmith arrived to change the locks on the building, and a comptroller's employee posted a sign on the door warning everyone — including the business owner — to keep off the property.

Again, I have to ask, "I thought the Democrat Leader of the Senate, "Dingy" Harry Reid said that paying taxes is voluntary? (See video below or here.) What up wit dat, Harry?

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