Sunday, February 01, 2009

Is the world going crazy, or what?

More banks failing... But, not to worry. We have some fine leadership. The Secretary of State is married to an extortionist. The Treasury Secretary is a tax cheat. The Secretary of Health & Human Services is BIGGER tax cheat (oh, and he's earned about $220,000 from the companyies he's set to regulate).

But not to worry, at least we are as bad as Russia. They are having riots due to their economy. Are we so apathetic that we won't even call our legislators, much less riot?

But, not to worry. Soon we'll never hear about it. Yeah, glasnost.

Of course, we haven't over thrown our government. Iceland gets a new Prime Minister following banking crisis. Yet.

Even Britain is having their issues with worker unrest in the UK.

Of course, we are getting ready for our own strikes. Oil workers preparing to strike in the US.

Maybe we need to listen to Australia's PM. More talk of a "new world order".

When and how will it all come to a head? Is Barack Hussein Obama prepared for this stuff?

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