Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smithfield Foods, Inc News (i.e., trim the fat anyone?)

I saw this article on a trade website and saw this response to it:
This is past serious. It's down right scary. Not to mention all the support jobs that rely on these plants to make a living. How can the U.S. government idly stand by and watch a food industry business this big shutting down? - name withheld

To which I responded:
"How can the US government stand by & watch...?" Are you kidding me? Should the government nationalize the pork industry, too? Why not? They have already nationalized much of the financial industry and they are about to do the same to the auto industry, the health care industry and the energy industry. Is this what "we the people" have become? A nation of, “What can my government do for me?”

The simple fact is, government caused the entire financial disaster and now same people who drove us off the cliff want to try to fix it. They don’t even know what the problem is! If the government had let some of these financial institutions fail, let the automakers fail, we would all be better off in the long haul.

Smithfield is doing EXACTLY the right thing, if only a little too late. They will hopefully do even more to cut costs. That is the responsible thing to do. This is how free markets work.

I'd much rather have a dreadfully deep 18 month recession, than a two decade long depression, which is exactly where we are headed unless the American people wake up, start educating themselves on the issues and participating in out Representative Republic Representative Republic is our current form of government, not to be confused with a democracy – for clarification see: this video for an explanation.

I applaud all these moves. I’d love to help them and any other companies who are willing to take such bold steps to save their business and prevent the government from further intervention in the free market!

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