Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Rangel Rule of 2009

I think in addition to the "Rangel Rule of 2009" we should add the "Geithner Rule", the "Daschle Rule" and the "No conflict of interest Clinton Rule" of 2009.

Or maybe the "Barack Hussein Obama Ethical Administration Rule". Even the lefties are getting fed up.

Of course, we can expect Chris Dodd to really give a grilling to Daschle. Re: About halfway down, "Dodd set to refinance two loans under scrutiny".

What's the saying about the 'fox and the hen house'?

What do you suppose would happen to us 'little people' out here in 'fly over country' if we failed to pay our taxes and tried to tell the IRS, "It was an honest mistake. I'm sorry"? Do you think the IRS would waive the penalties & fees for you?

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