Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headline: "World to End Tomorrow. Overweight Congressmen and Senators Hit Hardest"

Members battle the bulge
By ERIKA LOVLEY | 4/21/09
I hesitate to post this story, as any article titled "Members battle the bulge" written by a journalist "Ericka Lovley" and sporting a picture of Barney Frank sounds like it's straight off 'The Onion' website. But, it appears not to be satire.

Having said that, only the pale, flabby, wrinkled, undisciplined, glutonous members of congress blame the "stress" of their cushy overpaid "jobs" for them being FAT.

They have their own private taxpayer paid for gym, get to set their own schedules, benefit from the best taxpayer paid for healthcare, eat in their own taxpayer paid for dining room, and STILL they blame anyone but themselves for their own crappy health.

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