Thursday, April 09, 2009

Unleash The Dogs!!

State Dems' TV ad targets Doyle's likely foe
By Scott Bauer • The Associated Press • April 9, 2009
[Again, I picked the excerpt I liked the most..]

In a strongly worded November fundraising letter, obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, Walker said Doyle and President Barack Obama “rolled out the red carpet for a cabal of militant activist thugs” who registered voters last year.

Walker accused Doyle of negligence, resulting in an election system “more akin to Hugo Chavez’s rigged polls in Venezuela than the proud Wisconsin tradition.”

I Like What Walker Says About Wisconsin's "Proud Tradition".

Yeah, like "Fighting Bob" La Follette (Progressive Party candidate for President) or Frank Zeidler (American Socialist mayor of Milwaukee).

Or, the home of the voter fraud (pack of cigarettes $25 for a vote) and the Democrat tire slashing of the fleet of Republican vans on election day.

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