Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sadly, As Long As BHO Is POTUS, Chavez Is Right...

Chavez in China Touts 'New World Order'
"We are creating a new world, a balanced world. A new world order, a multipolar world," Mr. Chavez said on arriving in China the evening before a scheduled Wednesday meeting with China's president and Communist Party leader Hu Jintao.

"The unipolar world has collapsed. The power of the U.S. empire has collapsed," he said. "Everyday, the new poles of world power are becoming stronger. Beijing, Tokyo, Tehran .. It's moving toward the East and toward the South."

BHO's push to the left will leave the U.S. just another mediocre socialist nation. He is stripping the U.S. of it's identity as a world leader by going around the world and apologizing for the U.S. saying we are no better than any other nations. As if, somehow there is a moral equivalency between the U.S. and Iran, N. Korea, or Venezuela.

Is there really no good and evil, only shades of gray?

What happened to America, "home of the brave" who saved Europe (twice) from the onslaught of fascism?

What happened to America, "the land of the free" where businesses where allowed to start up, grow and fail when necessary?

What happened to the America of "baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet" where athlete didn't have to testify on Capital Hill (because congress was too busy with real government affairs), apple pie didn't need 'country of origin labeling' (because Mom made it) and the POTUS did not have the authority to fire the CEO of GM?

Do we really want to be just like France, Britain, Denmark and other socialist democracies? REALLY?

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