Monday, April 13, 2009

Political Correctness Gone Awry...

Not just no outrage. No coverage....

2 year-old Muslim girl beaten to death last week in Chicago…Where is the outrage?
April 12, 5:41 AM
On the night of April 5, Orland Park police arrested Nour Hadid, 26 after paramedics rushed her 2 year-old niece Bhia to Palos Community Hospital. The little girl was unconscious and died from severe injuries to her brain and kidneys, which she sustained during four days of beatings.

The most outrageous item in the story:

In fact, the only outrage that has been expressed in this case is from the Muslim community, who are outraged not over the little girl’s brutal murder, but over the fact that Nour Hadid was not allowed to wear her headscarf for her mugshot.<br>
Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, expressed his outrage to the Southtown Star by saying: "they should respect the modesty of the accused."

Hadid’s husband Alaeddin said the mugshot was an "insult against our religion." He has promised to sue the Orland Park Police Department for the photo. He has expressed no similar outrage over his wife beating to death their 2 year-old niece.

Have we gotten to the point that Political Correctness cannot allow fair to reporting of crimes, just because they are committed by Muslim's? What's next?

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Anonymous said...

I think that the current lawyer they have hired will use this to distract from the real crime, murder of a child. Islamic groups need to be careful on how they approach this, because as of now, it appears to those not familiar with the religion that child abuse and murder is acceptable to their religion. If the Islamic Advocate groups are smart, they will start addressing the real problem; Muslims need to know the laws of the country they live in so they can be prepared for the consequences of not following the laws (for example - mug shot without the head covering).