Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How Long Before This Is Us?

Caracas mayor tells Venezuela's military to ignore Chavez
In a stunning show of defiance, Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma called on Venezuela's military forces to disobey orders from President Chávez because they are against constitutional law.

El Pais reported today that the mayor made this known during a protest which took place on Saturday in the city of San Cristóbal, and which was organized by mayors, governors, deputies, and opposition student leaders. The protest was against centralization and in support of Maracaibo mayor, Manuel Rosales, who is under judicial inquiry.

On March 22nd, 2009, Hugo Chávez ordered the army to take back control of the country's harbors and airport facilities, which according to the government, must be administered by the central government. The opposition, which holds mayors in three main Venezuelan ports, asserts that these have to stay under control of local authorities.

Táchira governor César Pérez Vivas, also of the opposition was quoted as saying: 'What a shame for our people's history : our armed forces are being used the wrong way, and are being led in a perverse and corrupt manner. They are destroying a fundamental institution.'

Ledezma has urged for the formation of a national front to defend Venezuelan democracy to oppose Chavez management of the economy, labor and safety matters.

How long before BHO order the ports to be secured? My bet is after he’s taken over the energy & healthcare. 36 months on the outside.

The national front is already starting. The nationwide Tea Parties are the start.... Gun & ammo sales are through the roof. What's next?

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